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My new concealed carry purse is balanced and we'll maded. My gun goes in and out with out a trouble. Love it! It is beautiful and functional.

Came in record time!! Thank you so much!! I love the speedy delivery and the quality of the bag. I will definitely be ordering from you again very soon. This is one of the nicest CCW purses I own!

I conceal a. The design is dressy enough for church I bought the gray and plan on purchasing the other colors. Great purse, great value. A sentence or two introducing your brand, what you sell, and what makes your brand compelling to customers. Many states have concealed carry laws allowing you to carry your firearm for protection outside of your home.

It is our aspiration that all women encounter a unique buying experience when shopping for a concealed carry purse, handbag and bag. You will also love our new line of ultra stylish Lady Conceal purses. With contemporary, practical and always popular designs like the shoulder bag, hobo, satchel, messenger, crossbody and even small totes, we make it easy to keep your handgun close without calling attention to yourself for anything other than having a great sense of style.

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Pulsar Trail XQ38 2. Such a money saver! I will use everything in this box! I just said the same thing lol. Did she include the wrong pictures or are they all identical? I thought the same. They come in cream, pink and mint. I think the cream and mint just looked really similar in the photos. Overall its still a win. I feel much the same. I look forward to opening the box. I really like the nail product and massage roller.

The Dove product is great! I was planning to buy it after I tried it in the Target box. With a little persistence I got everything I wanted! Excited might be an over statement but I am looking forward to using many of these items. I am actually excited for the massage roller for some reason. I will be happy with any color but the lavender would be my 1st choice and grey, my last. I was a little worried about the Murad for my dry skin by it see someone else commented on that and it seems it will be ok.

I actually like the black earrings and added the silver bracelet which I plan to stack. I have the perfect strap to add to the Bloom clutch so I am somewhat excited about that. I love playing with makeup so I will try out the lip palette. Also excited to have a new pencil cup I a few weeks! I chose body cream. I will get around to using it eventually. Saves me from buying some any time soon. I live out of the country and my dad leaves March 5th to visit me and the box ships to his house.

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  • Concealed Carrie Leather Tote Smooth Pumpkin Finish | Free Shipping over $49!.
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I so hope it arrives in time. Oh I totally forgot about the cooling insert!

I am looking forward to it for allergy and migraine relief. Cooling eye packs are a dream come true!!


BUT, the silver bracelet and kores are cool too…. And ive been wanting a foam roller, this will do in the mean time. I see a lot of people are not happy with the upcoming box, well I am not surprised. I am not even talking about retail value but how useful the items are to me.

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I also like being exposed to something new. Will likely gift the dainty bracelet to my daughter for Christmas. I wish the dove product was full size I received this exact sample in my target box. I am excited for my candle, lotion, Murad, and add-ons. This box looks and is amazing!

I think the lip palette is a great, creative idea! If they had included an eye shadow palette, lots of people would have complained that they have too many palettes and eye shadow is boring. I selected the Bloom print and already traded for the Paradise as well!